Hemiplegia is a form of trauma induced paralysis that affects either side of the body, often just one arm and one leg, but occasionally with symptoms extending partially into the torso.

Common causes of hemiplegia (and other forms of trauma induced paralysis) include: Traumatic brain injuries to one side of the brain only (These may be caused by car accidents, falls, acts of violence, and other factors), Cardiovascular problems, particularly aneurysms and hemorrhages in the brain, Strokes and transient ischemic attacks (better known as TIA or mini-strokes), Infections

Common symptoms include- Total or partial loss of sensation on just one side, Changes in cognition, mood, or perception, Difficulty speaking, Changes on the other side of the body, since those muscles may begin to atrophy or become painful due to chronic muscle spasms, Spastic attacks during which the muscles move without your conscious control, Seizures.

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