Tennis elbow is a painful condition caused by overuse of the "extensor" muscles in your arm and forearm,

particularly where the tendons attach to rounded projections of bone (epicondyles) on the outside or

lateral aspect of the elbow. The muscles you use to grip, twist, and carry objects with your hand all attach

to the "lateral epicondyle" at the elbow. That's why a movement of the wrist or hand can actually cause

pain in the elbow. Prolonged use of the wrist and hand, such as when using a computer or operating

machinery —and, of course, playing tennis with an improper grip or technique—can lead to tennis elbow.

It can happen to athletes, non-athletes, children, and adults. . A physical therapist can teach you

exercises to gradually stretch and strengthen your muscles, especially the muscles of your forearm.

Eccentric exercises, which involve lowering your wrist very slowly after raising it, are particularly helpful.

A forearm strap or brace may reduce stress on the injured tissue.

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