Our certified hand therapists are uniquely qualified to treat underlying musculoskeletal issues and restore normal functioning to your hands.

What is Hand Therapy? - Procedure

Hand Therapy is a kind of restoration performed by a physiotherapist for patients that have conditions influencing the hands and furthest points. Hand treatment assists patients with getting back to their normal ways of life. Treatment usually begins with an underlying assessment. This will assist the specialist with realizing what side effects you have and what your objectives are. They will survey the remedy and treatment you have effectively begun. The physiotherapist will at that point play out a definite test. This will build up your standard capacity. At that point they will make an arrangement with objectives and a course of events. This arrangement will help arrive at your ideal capacity. 

Hand treatment will incorporate various medicines. It will likewise incorporate tasks to finish at home. It is useful to stay aware of treatment. Skipping meetings can bring about your capacity moving in reverse, and it might make it harder to push ahead. Absence of exertion will delay or forestall recuperation. 

Hand treatment patients may have been influenced by a mishap, injury or joint pain, or may have gone through a medical procedure. There are numerous issues that treatment can help. Advisors can: 

  • Screen and treat wounds 

  • Relax scars 

  • Lessen bonds among skin and ligaments 

  • Help nerves coast, ligaments slide, and joints move 

  • Decrease growing 

  • Lessening torment 


The advantages of hand treatment for are: 

  • Non- surgical, medicine/synthetic free treatment alternative 

  • Can be utilized as a deterrent or traditionalist treatment strategy 

  • Oversees or potentially decreases intense and constant joint torment 

  • Desensitizes nerves after trauma, for right tactile re-instruction 

  • Expands movement, skill and strength 

  • Insightful home exercise programs for faster restoration and strong moulding 

  • In the event that it is appropriate, tweaked bracing to forestall or address injury 

  • Instruction and preparation to learn and adjust for progress at every day fundamental abilities
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