A gait analysis is a strategy for recognizing biomechanical irregularities in the stride cycle, or as such, it's an apparatus used to survey the manner by which you walk and run.

What is Gait Lab?

"Gait" signifies a specific way or way of walking. A clinical gait investigation is a top to bottom glance at how an individual walks with or without the help of a walker, supports or unique braces. The capacity to all the more likely perceive how your body moves assists our physiotherapists with assessing, designing and giving the most ideal treatment. Walking is unpredictable and hard to investigate outwardly. Gait investigation permits explicit evaluation of strolling designs. Likewise, a few parts of hand and arm work are hard to notice outwardly. Upper appendage evaluation permits a nitty gritty examination concerning the qualities and deficiencies of hand and arm use. 

With best in class movement capture gear, we evaluate the walking examples to decide the reason for irregularities and help treatment arrangements , and upper appendage work and giving counsel about treatment.

Benefits of Gait Analysis

Walking is something that the normal individual likely doesn't really think about. It's our most fundamental strategy for transportation, yet a failure to walk or be versatile can definitely change an individual's life. It can affect our freedom and furthermore make critical medical issues over both the short and long haul. 

Numerous individuals can move about with strange or unbalanced walk designs for quite a long time with no manifestations. In any case, when somebody encounters a physical issue or agony, typical step can be modified, bringing about unusual walking that can prompt greater medical problems. 

For instance: 

  • Musculoskeletal issues (from modifying developments to make up for torment or inconvenience) 

  • Cardiovascular medical problems (because of dormancy) 

  • Emotional wellness issues (melancholy, loss of autonomy, and so on) 

This is the reason why gait investigation is significant. At the point when we study the manner in which an individual walks or runs, we can recognize individual's one of a kind movements, decide typical walk designs, analyze issues causing torment, and furthermore execute and assess medicines to address anomalies.

Procedure under Gait Lab

Gait Lab utilizes best in class strategies like progressed video recording procedures and 3D movement catching innovation to examine body movement and muscle action while walking. We make a symbol of your body, or as such, an electronic picture of their development. This movement catching innovation is a similar innovation used to change character actors into computerized characters for motion pictures and computer games. A gait investigation is an inside and out measure that regularly requires a few hours. Gait Lab is furnished with cutting edge movement catching strategies, including 3D movement energy and kinematics. Movement kinematics makes a 3D image of how an individual moves and strolls. Utilizing twofold sided hypoallergenic tape, we place sensors on individual's body to gather the information. Movement energy estimates the power that produces developments of the joints when strolling. Also, we can quantify how a person's muscles are functioning while at the same time of walking. This is known as dynamic electromyography, or EMG. A significant number of our patients feel like a "robot" when wearing the EMG and movement catching sensors.

Safety of Gait Lab

The instruments used in Gait Lab are totally safe and this treatment is the safest if done under the guidance of well trained physiotherapist.

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