The Lokomat is the world's leading mechanical clinical gadget that gives profoundly tedious and the most physiological walk training.

What is Hocoma Lokomat Robotics?

The Hocoma Lokomat Robotics, also known as Lokomat, is the world's driving automated clinical gadget that gives exceptionally repetitive and physiological walk preparation – particularly to seriously disabled patients. Robot-helped treatment empowers powerful and serious preparation and guarantees the ideal use of neuroplasticity and recuperation potential. The physiological step design is guaranteed by separately movable exoskeleton joined with the protected unique body weight supportive network. During restoration, patients should be tested at and past their individual abilities. Speed, stacking and automated help can be acclimated to ideally shape the force of the treatment. The Lokomat permits physiotherapists to focus on the patient and the genuine treatment. It upgrades staff proficiency and security, prompting higher preparation force, more medicines per specialist and, predominant patient consideration.

Benefits of Hocoma Lokomat Robotics

Lokomat involves the accompanying advantages: 

  • Quicker advancement through longer and more concentrated useful instructional courses contrasted with manual treadmill preparation with customizable degree of difficulty and power as per the psychological capacities and the particular necessities of every patient. 

  • Patient strolling action is effectively managed and evaluated 

  • Step example and direction power are independently customizable to the patient's requirements to enhance the useful preparation 

  • Evaluation devices permit simple and reproducible estimations of the patient's advancement 

  • If necessary - effectively change from computerized to manual treatment 

  • An incorporated biofeedback framework screens the patient's step and gives constant visual execution input to persuade the patient for dynamic participation.

Procedure under Hocoma Lokomat Robotics

Principally utilized with patients who have encountered a stroke or spinal cord or cerebrum injury, the Lokomat takes a longstanding type of physiotherapy – treadmill treatment – a few stages further than before. 

Through rehashed use, the Lokomat invigorates the legs and neurological framework with the goal that they steadily rearrange once familiar strolling designs. The assumption sometimes is that - in the long run - bulk and body frameworks recover enough so the patient can stroll on their own. The robot-helped preparing gadget upholds patients in a parachute saddle while moving their legs on a treadmill. It makes a smooth monotonous movement that may help animate spaces of the spinal rope thought to control the capacity to walk.

Safety of Hocoma Lokomat Robotics

Examination shows that Lokomat therapy can be safely and successfully led in numerous individuals. With Hocoma Lokomat Robotics, you can challenge patients of all practical levels. Regarding the intellectual angles, the greater part of the patients that use Hocoma Lokomat Robotics as a restoration treatment, feel good, exceptionally protected and have good outcomes with the treatment.

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