Punnet Punnet
I came here because I hurt my ankle while running. I was having pain while running, walking, and doing daily tasks. All the staff was very friendly, and helpful. I can now run, and walk with no pain. I can now do things I couldn't do before thanks to all the staff. I highly recommend coming here!.
Anita Sethi Anita Sethi
Having degenerative/chronic spine issues, I've been through several long term stints of PT at different places. Physiofirst and my therapist have been the most patient and most eager to help me get better. I highly recommend 1st going to Physiofirst. It will undoubtedly be your best rehab.
Vijay Sharma Vijay Sharma
I went to Physiofirst after my back surgery and would like to thank my therapist for his dedication and caring to help get me moving again. Doctors at Physiofirst are the best!!!”
Prakash Kumar Prakash Kumar
I want to thank Physiofirst for assisting my neck/shoulder area, which has been problematic since my teens, but more so over the last 6-months. When I first visited, I was completely stiff and had limited neck rotation. After a few visits, I was able to rotate my neck from side to side with ease.
Akash Nagar Akash Nagar
Abhinav Gupta Abhinav Gupta
Excellent therapists, and good personal care
Abhinav Guptall Abhinav Guptall
Jainendra Pant Jainendra Pant
Availability of specialized equipment and professional services, assignment of dedicated Dr. to long term patients to ensure continuity and comfort, Availability of specialized Dr to evaluate and program the need for every patient made it a memorable journey on way to recovery after my brain stroke. Thanks.